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Looking at a Sony 1252

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My very recent 1020 has given me the PJ bug bad and now I'm thinking about getting a 1252 with about 5500 hours on it for a few hundred bucks. I've seen a picture of it and the tubes have a very slight burn in to them. Seller says it throws a great picture.

I also know it has 2 RGBHV inputs.

Did this model have a wireless remote?

About how many total hours do these last?

I'm going to download and read the manual to familiarize myself more but are there other questions I should be asking the seller about this PJ?

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Post the picture of the tubes. Even wear is one thing, burn or uneven wear is another.

It should be only a couple hundred, not a few hundred.

Hours left depend on how the tubes look. 10k average, but depends how it looks now.

Yes, wireless remote available.

Other question to ask? Will he deliver and help you carry it in. :)

hi neighbor :)

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Yes I agree with pcCinema I wouldn’t pay any more than maybe 200 but that might be even to much if the tubes have significant wear, post a picture if you can of the tubes before you buy and we will try to help. I have a 1272 with similar hours that I just inspected. :) I would post a picture of the tube's but I’m not quite sure how to do that ? :confused:

You should also check Curt Palme’s web site out: http://www.curtpalme.com/TubeCondition.shtm
I think it is even wear, I shouldn't have used the term burn in.

I have to drive to Seattle to pick up, but maybe he'll carry it out to the car for me.

I guess it's not such a deal after all.

I got the manuals from Curt Palme's site, thanks for the tube link too.

I think you ad a picture by using the "attach files" button, if thats the way, here is a picture of the tubes

Thanks neighbors!!
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Too bad you're not close to Colorado - I have a 1272 with tubes that look like this:
Tubes look nice enough. How much is a few hundred bucks?


$300 plus a 300 or so mile drive.
Yes not bad at all. I expected much worse. Maybe $300 or so is ok.

Market is way way down on these ES sets. Make him an offer maybe if he's asking too much. He'd be crazy if he didn't take any decent offer.

There is a 72" sony torus in that area I want. If you can pick it up for me I'll help you set that pj up and make it really shine for free. (You'd need a truck or van.)

Well, I know where a 1272 is available with these tubes:
yeah, I never should have used the term "burn in".

I'm sure the PJ is in great shape and it is a fellow forum member selling it, so I would trust what he says about it.
It's a long drive to Denver, GE.

pc, can I strap that Sony to the roof of my car??
Loudmouse - two things: 1) the 12s have a lot more fan noise and weigh a whole lot more than the 10s (but worth it for the picture); and 2) I have had the 52 , the 71 and the 72 and while the difference is slight, the 72 is the best of the batch. I put a 12 in the trunk of my 99 Q45 ok, and picked one up once and seat-belted it in the back seat of a compact car. Yes - a remote unit was available as an option for the 12s and comes up on eBay fairly regularly. They come in pretty handy when doing convergence. Overall most folks will agree that the choice between 12s really should be based on the tube condition of what is being offered more than the model, since they are so similar. The price for all the 12s (except the 1292) is about the same, so pick one in good condition, rather than the spec sheets. I suspect the marketing folks had more to do with the spec sheets than the engineers. That's my less than humble opinion anyway.
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GEBrown, that one looks really nice how many hours are on it ? :cool:

Loudmouse, I have a 1272 I just picked up that has only 866 Hours on it and the tubes are just as minty maybe more. I might be convinced to sell it… :D .. Maybe…… I can even mod the fans to ultra quiet ones, as I have done this before on another 1272 with awesome results. I haven’t had a chance to take some pictures yet but I will if your interested . I was thinking of saving this unit for future use. obviously I would want more than 300 for it but you would be sure to get 9,500 hours plus from this PJ. Email me :)
Good points, I hadn't thought about fan noise. The 1020 doesn't have a fan at all. And the weight is a factor too as I have the 1020 mounted overhead. The 12s weigh about twice as much.
Originally Posted by sdg72
GEBrown, that one looks really nice how many hours are on it ? :cool:
about 3680 to 3700- I need to double-check - but certainly not anything close to your 866!! Are you sure that thing was ever used!!! :)

Are you sure that thing was ever used!!! :)
Well... ;) I must say that its been quite a find. When I opened the hood I was stunned at how clean the unit was, and when I removed the lens’s to see the CRT’s well… :D . Lets just say I cant see any signs of use and I really looked close. That’s why I was kinda saving it ! :rolleyes:

Regards, Grant
I guess the torus screen could be strapped to the roof if it were wrapped up to protect it and done carefully.

I'll have to see if the seller will be more reasonable on asking price now that it's been listed so long.

When are you going up to get the pj?

Well, I'm not sure I am going to get that original 1252, heck I might have to talk sdg72 into selling that 1272!!

I was kidding about the roof thing anyway.
:) I wasn't sure if you were kidding. I actually thought about doing that myself.

I don't think it would make sense to spend a few hundred more for the nicer one. They're both still older ES focus machines, not worth the expense of shipping really. Even the one with wear will perform well.

If you have more money buy a nicer pj.

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