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Looking at changing Amplifiers

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I am at the age where I look around our house of forty+ years and see a lot of "stuff". My wife and I have agreed it's time to get small. It's time to gift, sell, donate and consolidate to become more nimble if our circumstance should change.

I currently have a Bryston 4b and two 2b-lp amps driving Vandersteen 2ci's, Model 1's and a VCC1 in a 5.1.2 set-up. One 2b-lp is bridged to mono for center channel along with two 2w subs. I recently added an Outlaw 976 pre/pro. I'm very satisfied with this combo and current horse power (L/R 250w, C 200w) across the front speakers. Listening is 50% movie and 50% Vinyl/streaming

I have been casually thinking of selling the three Bryston amps for an Outlaw 5000 5 channel amp @120w per channel. I have already let go of one turntable a CD changer and an SACD player without any pain. My question is am I shooting myself in the foot to save a few bucks just to get a couple more empty spots on the shelf?
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@Peja I have old Integra gear so nothing high end, however from what I have read, like receivers, the more channels you drive simultaneously (outlaw 5000) the more detail and separation you lose. Keep the Bryston(s), or if you want to experiment and change things up, get a 3 channel beast for your LCR.

Monolith (by ati) seems to be the best bang for the buck right now but not sure it will sound better than the brystons? If you want to try class d then the D-Sonic is a good brand.

Or take a look at this detailed comparison from 2016. https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/my-long-list-of-amplifiers-and-my-personal-review-of-each

Good luck!
@eriksells916 Hey neighbor, I'm down the hill in Sac. Thanks for the info. That is the best reference link I've ever received.....period. Great stuff. Sounds like the Outlaw would be a step back rather than a less expensive lateral move. I'll keep looking, maybe something used might pop up. Thanks, Hopefully I can get a few more opinions
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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