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I'm looking for an A/V receiver for a second setup in my garage. Sold all my separates.

I was looking at a Marantz M-CR610 initially but cancelled my order as I want to incorporate my plasma tv/satellite receiver and second zone.

I'm looking at the following receivers:

Yamaha RX-A830

Marantz SR5008

Pioneer VSX 70

Denon AVR-X3000

All similar in price range.

I really want a musical sounding setup as it will be 2.1 for now and 5.1 later on.

Airplay and networking a must.

Second zone for patio speakers.

WIFI would have been a bonus but I can run power line adaptors to network.

Video source will be via satellite receiver into a new Samsung 51" plasma.

Speakers are Energy Pro 22's with a 8" sub.

I know all the receiver's are capable. Any thoughts?
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