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Looking at two Measurement Mics and Have Question About XLR Connectors

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I'm looking at two different low end measurement mics to connect to my computer audio card through a preamp. One is the Dayton Audio EMM-6, which says it has an XLR connector with 200 ohms between pins 2 and 3 and the Behringer ECM8000 which describes its connection as XLR at 600 ohms. Both can take phantom power from 15v to 48v, does the ohms described above have anything to do with whether either or both will or will not work in a standard audio preamp?

I know the Behringer will, because they say it will in their literature; but the Dayton Audio, which I would prefer, says 200 ohms between pins 2 and 3. Can anyone tell me what they mean by that and whether that will affect its ability to plug into a standard XLR input in a standard studio preamp?

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that's the output impedance and it won't matter in your application.
Neither will work into a standard Hi-Fi pre-amp.

But they both will work into a mic pre-amp if it supplies phantom power.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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