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i am the proud owner of a TX-SR803 that has serviced our house well over the years but now I feel the reciever is holding us back on full enjoyment with 3d and network connectivity. What are your thoughts on going to this lower level Onkyo ? Do you think I will hear a differance in sound quality ? Do I really need the MultEQ XT32 in the NR818 or will the 2EQ be simmilar to my old 803 ?

I realy like the price point of the NR616 and the power level is plenty for my oooold Athena micra's 5.1. My sub is the stock Athena and I think its 8 inch and sounds good enough for now.

Any feedback will be appreciated.



My main equipment

Sony 55 HX800

Sony ps3 slim

Xbox 360

Wii U

Uverse dvr
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