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Hello all...

Looking at URC MX-3000 and MX-5000.... and was wondering how easy these remotes are to program... I'am tech savy and not easily scared with stuff like this... what one would you choose? and why?... Will I need to buy any software? or does it come with it? is there any other equipment that I may need? Also a good place to buy?

Things being controlled:

samsung plasma TV

Optoma HD20 projector

Pioneer sc-25 AVR

Pioneer BDP-09FD Blu-ray

Vudu XL box

Toshiba HD DVD

Comcast HD DVR

Xbox 360

PS3 60GB

Monoprice 5X1 HDMI Switcher

in the process of selecting home automation


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You have to buy the pro line of URC remotes from a dealer/seller willing to provide you with the software. Otherwise you don't get the software and the dealer program$$$ it for you. If you don't buy it from an authorized dealer then you also lose your warranty.

Otherwise, they aren't that hard to program if you have the willingness and time to learn. The CCP software comes with programming guide .pdf files for each remote.

Also, I'd choose the 5000 since I like more hard buttons on my remote than touchscreen. I don't like the style of the 3000 and it is getting a little old in its lifecycle.

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+1... if your dealer will provide the software, and you have patience, you can program them... just be prepared to spend some time doing so, and don't think it's going to be a "one time" programming thing, because you'll make many changes as you use it more and learn more... the programming language is reasonably flexible, and as such, can be a bit daunting at first... but there are a few good resources on the net where people are willing to help (here, remote central)...

i also prefer the 5000 for several reasons:

- "wand" form factor... i'm not fond of 2 hand remotes...

- the 5000 is by FAR the most ergo-friendly remote i've ever picked up... nothing else is even close... i also have a mx-980, which i REALLY like (and is also ergo-friendly), but once i got the 5000, the 980 felt like a brick in my hand...

- the haptic feedback is cool... makes the touch screen easier from a usability standpoint...

- proper screen layout makes the 5000 be a truly "one hand" touch screen remote...

- the 5000 has two-way capability...

there's more, but you get the point...

however, the 5000 is significantly more expensive than the 3000...

ymmv... first you need to decide which form factor you prefer... that's probably the most important part, to be honest... it's something that you are going to use every day and use a lot... for instance, i'm a heavy dvr user... it would drive me crazy to have to use something like a 3000 on a daily basis...

a question for you. what rf base are you planning on using?

as far as good place to buy... if you don't have a relationship with a local dealer who will work with you price/software wise, i would give surf remote a call...

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I Rather not use a two handed remote... thats why I was asking about the MX-5000 ...

What RF base do you suggest?

also if anyone has a LEGAL copy of the software to rent... I think this is going to be a prblem for me... is the software...

thanks for all the info

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The MX-5000 is a two-way wand style remote. The MX-3000 is a one way touch screen remote. If you are looking for a primary touch screen remote, then I would be comparing the MX-3000 to the MX-6000 instead(touch screen remote).

The difference in price between the MX-3000 and MX-5000 is minimal ($100.00) There is a significant price difference between the MX-6000 and the MX-3000.

With a little digging, you should have no problems finding the CCP software for programming any of the URC remotes, regardless of where you purchase your remote. Like what was already said,you will not have a warrantee unless you buy from a authorized dealer.

Personally, I would stay away from any of the 2-way remotes today. They are twice the price and are still seriously lacking in quality 2 way modules for them. They do not offer twice the value of the one way remotes. If I was interested in going 2-way, I would be looking into RTI. They are the only remote control company that makes in wall keypads, that are actually universal remotes(ie.. home automation control).

If home automation is in your near future, then do alot or research on what you want to do and how it will work with whatever remote setup you are looking at.

I'm a huge MX-980 fan due to it's value/function.

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I have a MX-3000 , taught myself how to program it, it was pretty easy to make a very functional template... That being said my wife hates the MX-3000 and would rather go back to the LCD text display wand style MX-850 we had... so ask other user as well... as everytime she uses it I hear about it...

You will defintely tweak it a couple times by re-programming like someone else said...
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