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Looking Bose like satellite or book shelves speakers

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Hi, This is my first post so be kind to me.

I am looking to buy home theater system as wall mounting TV. Room size is 9m X 4m but half of it used as kitchen and remaining part as living room where I kept TV. See attached for room layout and TV position. I have selected Yamaha RX-V577 as AVR. Now looking to buy speakers and subwoofers. Initially I like to go with two/three speakers with subwoofer and then will expand it to 5.1 later.

Considering position of TV, viewing distance and available space, I may need go with wall mount speakers or small (not large) bookshelves speakers. Definitely NOT big, floor standing or tower speakers.

Prefering to go with satellite speakers as it offers less wire cluttering. So looking to buy Bose like small speakers. But here I haven't read good review about Bose speakers. On above it, Bose is using its own specific wires and connectors.

So, can you suggest me satellite or small bookshelves speakers and subwoofer which can work well with Yamaha RX-V577 AVR.

My budget is approx $800 for 3 speakers and subwoofer. Spliting TV usage, 70% sports/TV shows and 30% movie/music. And I am NOT audiophile so speakers with above average sound and good look is ok for me.



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Welcome. I will assume you do not live in the U.S., so it would be difficult recommending audio equipment without knowing what is available where you live. What I can say is that with approximately 90 cu. meters to fill, your subwoofer requirements will probably be above average. I can also say that small, bose-like speakers won't give you very good audio, but decent bookshelf speakers will. Take a look around your area and see what is available for your budget and go out and audition a few speakers.
Thanks. I am in Australia. But most of all brands and models are available here like US.
I would recommend something bigger than Bose like speakers, I wouldn't get a speaker that is smaller than a Wharfedale Diamond 9. That is a big room so you can't expect a small speaker to be able to fill it.

Kef, Wharfedale, Tannoy, Focal make a few ranges. From Kef Egg size speaker all the way up to towers.

I'd recommend standmount speakers personally, 6.5" woofer.
I have a system in my living room with small speakers and a SW covering a large area. I can recommend the Energy Take Classic package. I didn't get the packaged SW, but bought a separate Klipsch SW (Energy is a Klipsch brand also). For the receiver, get something with Audyssey.
Look into the Monitor Audio Mass speakers
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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