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I'm in need of a decent 2.0 or 2.1 system for my Mac based home theater. I'm leaning towards PC speakers so that I don't need to have an amp running (1 less component is a good thing for me). I'd like 2 inputs (TV & mac), wireless remote, small size, no more than $300.

I must not have golden ears because I thought Bose Companion 3 sounded good (but no wireless control). I really like the Logitech Z-5500s but they're 5.1's which won't pass the WAF (wife acceptance factor).

Any suggestions?

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Any computer speakers you choose will need to be amplified. Take a look at this little receiver by Onkyo . Get one of those and you can then pick any decent bookshelf speaker that pleases you and you can use them for other than computer speakers should you like. It has a subwoofer preout so you can add one of those on of your own choosing - your not stuck with some crappy little computer sub.

It has a built in cd player so you don't need to have the computer running to play a cd - or to watch tv. It has all the connections you listed as needing. The only thing you won't have is the ability to use optical from your computer but since you are only interested in 2.1 it doesn't matter.

And it comes with a remote!
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