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looking for a 32/36" HDTV SET recommendations plz

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im looking for a 32/36" hdtv SET TOP (like crt ) that will also have an input for my computer. Plan an simple what should I look at. Max Im looking to spend is 2k.

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wow no one has advice.
Check out the RCA MM32110 and MM36110. They include a VGA input which supports an 800x600 resolution. Both are significantly under your $2k target. I know that there are other options, I just can't think of them. You may want to post this over in the Home Theater Computers forum as they would have more input.
If you can find it, I believe the Hitachi 36SDX01S has what you're looking for.

There's a thread somewhere on this forum that got into this discussion about HD and VGA inputs .. lemme see if I can find it... ah yes, here ya go:


3 days ago I bought toshiba's brand new 34" widescreen direct view set ( 34HF81) for $1998 from Brandsmart. It has 2 sets of autosensing Component inputs with 3:2 pulldown. So far it appears to be an awesome set! The new Star Wars DVD via progressive signal was impressive. CBS's CSI in 1080i was awesome last night.
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