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So I am in the market for a new 5.1 receiver that has HDMI (non-passthrough) for, well as cheap as possible. Willing to spend $350ish but It would be nice to only spend $200-250

Here's what I got

40" Samsung 1080p with only 2 HDMI inputs

HTPC (Uses HDMI and toslink/optical connection for audio)

XBOX 360


Currently I am using an old Sony receiver (probably very early 2000 I think, maybe even 90's)

The HTPC is hooked to the tv via HDMI and receiver via toslink/optical

The TV goes to the receiver via toslink/optical

The 360 is connected to an HDMI splitter to the TV and then to the receiver with optical

PS3 is connected the same way as the 360

So I need a receiver with at least 2 HDMI inputs and it needs to process audio as well and have atleast 2 optical inputs. The PS3 and xbox would be connected to the receiver via hdmi, the HTPC and TV's audio will be connected via optical. The HTPC video will be connected directly to the tv.

So I am thinking of just going with one of the cheaper Pioneers from best buy. either the

VSX-519V-K or the VSX-819H-K, they both process HDMI audio correct?

What about the Yamaha RX-V465? I have read several reviews, some say is pass-through others say it processes the HDMI audio...which is it?

Are there any other receivers I should consider? I dont need the receiver to have Dolby True HD and all that do I? Since it wouldnt be used anyways since the ps3 would do all the work correct?


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After looking for something similar to what you want I ended up with a 590 from Denon though its at the top of your budget. I didn't like the spring clips on the 465, plus it would have needed a firmware update, and I don't have the equipment they said was required to do it. The 819 Pioneer was on my list but I just liked the Denon better.

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Check out the Harman Kardon AVR 254 refurb on ebay. Ships direct from Harman, it is a refurb, but a lot of people are buying these. If you can time it right on one of the buy it now or best offer deals, it sounds like $220 is the going price.
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