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Hey guys.....trying to help out a buddy who just built a nice poolhouse, this TV will be used for watching sports (if sports ever come back) and kids stuff on Disney plus. Would like to stay under 1k, which brings into the debate of size of 75 vs better quality of 65. For sports purposes my initial thought was the 75.

With the TCL 6 series and Hisense H8G out of budget I was looking at some lower end lines such as 75 4 series from TCL, the R7 from Hisense and also the H65G 2020 model Hisense.

Hisense lower model have great specs of Dolby vision and full array dimming. Just not many reviews yet. I also think there may be a couple Samsung models that fit in the price range. People seems reasonably happy with TCL 4 series.

Just wanted to see if anyone was in similar boat recently.....this room will have a ton of light with sliding doors leading out to pool a few feet away. So brightness is probably key.

Thanks for any help.
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