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Looking for a Blu-Ray Player

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I am in the market for a new Blu-Ray player for my upstairs SXRD. I have a PS3 downstairs which displays a great HD picture on my home theater but my old progressive scan Toshiba upstairs is starting to show its age. I am looking for a good Blu-Ray player that does the following:

1. Upconverts SD DVDs

2. Outputs 1080p

3. Responsive (startup, and remote response).

4. Reasonbily priced $400-$500.

Can someone recommend any? Or is there nothing in my price point? I am considering another Ps3, but no upconversion and looking for something simple for my wife to operate.
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Unfortunately, I do not think there is anything in that price range. I think the PS3 is still the only BR player in that range. However, you may find something used once the next gen units are released.

The closest may be the new Panasonic DMP-BD10 player which is priced at $599. It's not out yet but you could pre-order at Value Electronics:

I thought so. I am almost tempted to get Samsung 1200, but may just wait to see reviews of Panasonic.

I just have a hard time spending that kind of money on a player for a TV we don't watch movies on that often. I spent $700 years ago on a Toshiba DVD player when a first came out, but can't do that again.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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