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Looking for a DVD player

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Hello All

I have been considering the OPPO DV-980H due to it having component out and a few other reasons. DVD-A, SACD. HDCD and good reviews for sound in general.

I currently have an Onkyo TX-SR800 that does not have any HDMI inputs or outputs. To keep things simple I would like to use the component hook ups. Also it is a 50 foot run to my projector from the DVD player and I already have a component cable run. This is through walls using pvc pipe. I do have a piece of rope thread through the pvc if another run would be needed.

My old X1 projector has finally given up and I have purchased a Mitsubishi HC1500 to replace it so I would like to be able to upconvert to 720P.

I read this while researching the player and understand that upconverting over component is very rare in players now days. Unlike the 981 this player has component outputs but it won't upconvert encrypted DVDs through them.

So does this mean it will upconvert non encrypted DVDs. This may sound stupid but if need be I will back up my DVDs that I own to upconvert them over component.

I hate to ask this question but I feel the need to. I have looked. Are there still any players that will upconvert over component. I would like to make this system last me around 3 more years or so before going the whole HD way.

Thanks All
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Originally Posted by warpig /forum/post/14106982

So does this mean it will upconvert non encrypted DVDs.

Yes, it will. The 980 is limited to 480i and 480p (NTSC) over component for CSS-protected discs, but will scale non-protected discs to 720p, 1080i, and 1080p.


Thanks for the reply. From my research that is what I understood. Its always nice to have someone confirm it though and that is what I was looking for.

Again Thanks
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An older 970HD can be hacked to upconvert all discs over component. Check ebay for those.
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