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Hey all,

I'm looking for some TV advice.

These next two paragraphs are backstory, you can skip if you want but they really do help to understand my rationale here.

Getting my Catleap and my QNIX (Korean 1440p monitors) have been a life changer for me. So much that I wanted to get a TV that looked just as good (in terms of color and low overall latency, you can't compare 1080p to 1440p). What really helped me in my initial decision was this thread because I wanted 4:4:4 support so my TV looks really sharp when I use it to display my computer. This TV is predominantly used for my PS4, but in case I want to game on my PC in bed, I can just hook it up to my TV via HDMI and use a controller.

That led me to finding the LG 42LN5300. Early reports claimed that this panel was IPS, it has 4:4:4 support (by swtiching the input mode to "PC" in the settings), latency/input lag is pretty low from what I could tell. So I bought it and gave it a try. I've had it for about 8 months now and don't get me wrong I love it. I recently noticed that I have a dead pixel and what appears to be a dark blotch on my screen where a certain area of my screen appears darker than the rest of the TV. I took a macro shot of the dead pixel if I ever planned to return it and I noticed something. I saw another macro of the pixels on the TV's thread here, and they were shaped differently. Turns out there's two types of panels this TV comes in, and we were able to figure out which is what. I have an MVA panel (my finger leaves a trail when I swipe it across the screen), while he has an IPS (chevron shaped LG pixels whereas mine were boxes).We also figured out which panel is what by service code on the box. This blotch has been really annoying me lately (especially in bright scenes) and I have a replacement plan on it, so I'm considering returning it for a refund. I do want to find the IPS version, but the problem is it looks extremely rare to find. I tried going to Walmart, Target, Microcenter, Best Buy, and they were all MVA panels like mine. Also, the guy with the IPS one was telling me he was having some issues with uniformity on his. All of this in my mind has come to the conclusion that at the end of the day it's pretty unlikely that I'll be getting an IPS one, so I'm trying to keep my options open and looking for similar TV's with IPS panels.

Okay so in terms of a TV I'm looking for.


-IPS colors or similar quality (not sure if they make PLS, so then just IPS)

-Low overall lag. For a 60hz TV, the LG was very good with this. I'm very picky when it comes to input lag, and with this TV I don't experience any perceivable lag or ghosting. Don't have a number, I've heard someone say it's under 8ms input lag, someone else said overall around 28.5ms, so somewhere in between??

-4:4:4 support is a must

-42-46" and 42" is preferred

-Around $400 (which is what I paid for the LG)

-120hz, if possible. Don't know if it's like monitor tech and you can only have IPS and 60hz. And I know PS4 is locked at 60fps but I've heard everything feels overall smoother. This is only optional.

I'm using it for mostly PS4 games, Netflix and Blu Ray's, but very occasionally will I use it for my PC and for TV (Don't really watch much TV).

I know I have a long and very specific list of wants for this TV, and the LG does all this and is a great overall TV, so if I can't find an IPS model I will just exchange it for the same type of panel, just with no defects. But if I can return it and find something with better picture quality, it's worth just to ask! I was just wondering if anything new that does all this has come out since I've been out of the loop for around a year.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I really appreciate the help.
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