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Starting a major overhaul of my home entertainment system. I just purchased a LG 52 " LCD and a Playstation 3 w/ Blue Ray over the holidays. I am now looking for a 5.1 Home Theater System in the $500 range, to replace my current Sansui AU999/TU999 (circa 1972) home stereo receiver/analog tuner. That being said, the Sansui receiver has a feature I like, that being independently controlled speaker channels: A, B, A&B (combined) and C, that I currently use to pipe music to either my family room (A), patio (B), family room and patio (A & B) and home office (C). This works great for parties, or listening to music out on the patio without interferring with others in the house. The ideal Home Theater system receiver would also have independent A and B channels, as well as A & B combined, so I can continue to control the audio flow. Of all the online research I have done thus far I cannot find a manufacturer that states these capabilities in the component specification sheet. Anyone out there know of a product that has this capability, or am I way off base. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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