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Hello I have been researching for a htib system for awhile now but cant seem to pull the trigger on anything. I have a 47" lg 1080p LCD tv (2d) and have a ps3 and HDTV cable box. My budget is around $600 and the only thing I request is wireless rear speakers. A blue ray player isn't required since I have a ps3. My room is approx 12x20.

So far I have looked into the LG-lgb976, Sony bdve780w, Sony bravia dav-hdx576wf, samsung ht-d6730w.

Does okonyo or any other of the top brands have htib systems with wireless rear speakers? Do you guys have any suggestions? Thanks for your help!

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Onkyo doesn't have wireless speaker systems.

For $600 you can buy a standalone receiver for $250- $300, this Jamo or Polk package for $200 and the Rocketfish wireless system for $70-$100.

Rocketfish wireless system

Jamo A340PDD 5.1 system


Polk RM6750

Standalone receiver

Denon 1611 $299

Or Denon/Boston Acoustics 5.1 bundle for under $500

The reason I recommend a standalone receiver over one of the HTIB systems you're looking at is because you'll get a better receiver that way. The Denon has 4 HDMI inputs, analog to HDMI video conversion, Audyssey room calibration and has more power. HTIB systems always overrate their power figures. The Denon will be cleaner sounding. Plus it'll have more flexibility than a HTIB receiver.

You'll get higher quality speakers by going with a seperate 5.1 system too. And a larger powered sub. HTIB speakers are generally lower quality and many come with a passive subwoofer.
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