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Looking for a little advice on my audio gear.

I am in the drywall phase of a new theater room. It is 23x15 with 7ft ceilings. I am doing a front projector for my image.

I am using DCM Time Window 7's as my main speakers, Surroundscape Center and TFV'10.0's as my rears.

All are large speakers, and the time windows go down to 20hz, and the TFV's 25 hz.

I am running a B&K REF 50s2 for a pre, and a b&k AV5000S2 Plus a rotel rb-981.

I am looking for a couple of new things.

Either a oppo BD player as a source, going analog to the REF 50,

or picking up a emotiva UMC 200 pre, or buying a pioneer eilite SC-75 and using it as a processor with my existing amps, plus the additional zones I have in my basement.

Any ideas on my best route? Or a different route?

As far as subs, I have 2. A thiel SS1 and a Monitor audio FB-210.

The thiel plays lower than the Monitor Audio. Both are really musical subs, not theater subs.

I have been thinking of doing a SVS PB13 ultra, any other suggestions?

IS it a good idea to use the SVS with the thiel or MA sub with the SVS for ultra low bass and the others for upper/mid bass?
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