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Hope I answered all the question in the read this first post at the top

1.Budget- Less than $1000ca shipped to Canada.

2.Size- Does not matter. I have a large space behind the sofa that sits on a 45 to a corner. I know I should do the crawl test, before I say where it's going but ...waf

3.Room dimension- 3200 cubic foot family with vaulted ceilings, 8 to 12feet, some of the walls on 45s to each other, and a large glass patio door. The room has two openings, a 10foot wide opening into a 2000 cubic foot kitchen and a 6 foot hallway opening, 9 to 10feet high, leading in one direction to the living room/dining room, and in the other direction to the bedrooms....

4.Primary Use- 70% HDTV ( '24' Lost, NCIS, action/drama TV) 20% Music, and 10%HT

5.Listening Habits- I like to feel it when Jack blows something up. Loud enough that you'd want to turn it down to talk, and during the commercials. Music is all over the place, Rock, Country, Jazz, Blues and sometimes Classical. The volume is all over the place on music too. I don't watch alot of movies on this system, but when I do I like it loud. Probably not reference levels but close.

6.Appearance- Anything goes behind the sofa (black)

7.Time frame- Mid April

Equipment- Denon 790. I haven't got this yet, but It's at the top of my list for the Audyssey MultEQ, Audyssey Dynamic Volume, Dynamic EQ, and I may use the Dolby Pro Logic IIz height channels

Paradigm Reference Millenia 20 across the front 3 And a older set of paradigm ADPs in the rear

These look like I might need a higher cross over than the reference, maybe as high as 120hz?

And with the near field placement of the sub, I'm a little worried about being able to hear it's behind me?

I want my sub to go low but I want it to be accurate/dynamic at low volumes. I'm really not sure if it should be sealed or ported, 10 12 15 or 18?

Any help you guys can give me would be great

Thanks Garth

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Originally Posted by craigsub /forum/post/18149476

As you are in Canada, you might check out Axiom's subwoofers ... the EP-350 is a solid performer, and does well for movies and music.

It's even under budget ...


Thanks I hadn't had that one on the radar....

Anybody eles got any?
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