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looking for a narrow audio rack

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hi! I am in the market for an audio rack. I need at least four shelves, and the ability to add more later would be great. The catch is, I have a very short wall and have only 20-21 inches of space (wide) for the rack. Are there any racks out there that fit the bill?

thank you!

ps. Mods, if this is in the wrong forum, please move with my apologies.
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Standard dimension Electronics racks are 19" for the width of the device being rack mounted. So it is physically impossible to be narrower than that. A narrow rack would be 3/4 on each side bigger than that or 20.5". You ought to find a lot of racks in that size or a little wider.
20-21 inches would be perfect. Most racks seem to be 23 inches wide... does anyone know of something in the 20-21 inch range?
Middle Atlantic makes a rack that is about the slimmest possible. 19"+sheet metal. The Slim5. If you add side panels it gets wider.

I have a bello vertical rack for sale - I'll measure when I get home tommorrow. Its black with 5 adjustable glass shelves. Great looking piece.

I measured my rack this am = 22 inches exactly. Send a PM if you are interested.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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