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Looking for a Nas Qnap or Synology For atleat to run 2x4k movies at the sametime on Plex

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Models I was looking at was

Synogoy DS1520+ has intel cpu
Synology DS1621+ has ryzen cpu

I want it for plex streaming movies.
If I went with either one. I guess I could transcode from a M1 Mac Mini?
Any help on deciding which one is best option?
I built pc but its a pain to add drives and etc
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Don't know what you are really looking for. Transcoding is done on the Plex Server. Are you saying you want your Mac Mini be Plex Server or want your NAS be a Plex Server?

Tanscoding should be avoided at all costs as it degrades PQ.

A 4K disc rip has bitrate of 50mbps to 80mbps (some reach over 100mbps) typically. So, it is up to the network speed (gigabit or else) and NAS speed (disk throughput and NAS throughput) to limit how many 4K streams you can send out. If you need transcoding of a 4K stream on the Plex Server, you will probably only going to get 1 stream at anytime on most software based transcoding.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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