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Hi Guys,

Bought a new Panasonic Vt25 65" tv that arrives saturday from Best Buy for the den. I need a receiver to replace my old Onkyo TX-SV727, which I know dates back awhile, that will have the new DTS HD audio plus 1.4 for the 3D movies.

I have my major investment in a Anthem D2V in my theater upstairs so I would like to spend less then $1000.00 for the downstairs setup.

I looked at "Top Picks" in the back of Home Theater and found:

1. Onkyo TX-Nr608, but some reviews on amazon show HDMI signal issues.

2. Pioneer VSX-1020, sounds ok but not enough info to make good choice.

3. Denon AVR's, my brother has the 4310 & loves it and the 4311 has 1.4, but price is more then I would like to spend for my den.

Really like a midrange unit for a good price. Seems like if I want the new 1.4 / 3D I will have to wait until the next set of new models make these at a lower price.

Any comments would be helpful.


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