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Looking for a new Home Theater Receiver

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Ok, I apologize in advance seeing as I know this is a common first time thread but I think I have a special condition to my question.

I am looking for a decent HT reciever that can put out some real juice, I'm running some monster old speakers handed down to me they seem to draw alot of power seeing as my roommates receiver couldn't provide enough power to get them going at a decent volume and would flash overload on the screen.

I do plan on replacing these speakers when I have the time to design/build some new ones in 6-12 months, the only reason I'm getting a reciever now is I need one that can strip audio out of HDMI cables, the reciever I have them on now is the original one they came with and is about 30 years old or older... I have the HDMI running straight into the TV with audio on those speakers for everything but the PS3 (god bless sony) Playing reach about killed my ear drums hearing the crackle of and fizzle and flat high notes just not atainable on my TV speakers.

The speakers I plan to build will carry on the tradition of epic size and sound, I don't know what the appropriate wattage would be to build a 3 or 4 driver speaker but I'm looking into it and would like this amp to support that.

Component would be cool too so I could plug in my wii. would need atleast 4 HDMI ports(for PC, 360, PS3, Camera)

Can I find such HT reciever for under 500, preferable in the 200-300 area? What brands should I look at with that in mind?

If I sound like I know what I'm talking about, I DON'T

I am a relative novice to the HT space, so please spell out any acronyms or trade speak you throw out there. Thanks.

I've got pleanty of experience with DIY projects, I built the stand the TV is on and my desk and assemble my own computer, built my own aquarium filter etc. This is a new area for me, thanks for your help.
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You'll do far better in getting an answer to your question in the Amps, Receivers forum.
How do I move it or close this one down and open a new one over there?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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