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Unfortunately my yamaha htr-5660 no longer functions properly thanks to a lightning bolt striking my roof antenna, so it is time to replace it. I don't think I would consider any brand other then yamaha, but could be open to it. My requirements are listed below, any feed back would be helpful. I am using a set of klipsch quintets, with a 10" klipsch sub. My room is about 20 x 20. So far what I have found that I believe fit my needs are the rx-v1400 (htr-5790) ,1500,2400,2500 and the z9. Unfortunately the z9 is a bit to pricey.

The receiver needs the following:

YPAO (or equivalent)

minimum 5 optical inputs

minimum 5 s-video in

minimum 2 s-video out (1 can be a VCR out)

video up conversion to component

sleep timer

night listening mode for movies (where it raises voices lowers surround sound)

DTS, DOLBY, Dolby EX support

I would also like 3 or more component video inputs as well as 2 outputs, which seems to only be available on the z9.

While I think I may be OK with the rx-v1400 I was wondering if anyone could tell me what advantages the 1500,2400, and 2500 had over the 1400. Also if you have any other suggestions as to other receivers to consider please share.

Thank You,

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