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I am currently have an unRaid server streaming avi and mkv movies and TV shows. I have 5 televisions in the house and currently have Popcorn Hour A-100s hooked up to them all. So you can see how long it has been since I looked into this! Well it appears that Popcorn Hour is no longer updating the firmware on their 100 series units. I am having some playback issues that I fear is only going to get worse. I just cant stomach shelling out $1000 every couple years on new Popcorn Hours since they will eventually stop supporting older devices.

I have recently started playing with YAMJ and really like having a nice interface to go with the popcorn hours.

Here are my pie in the sky requirements...

1.) Graphical interface like YAMJ.

2.) Would prefer to buy a device like a Popcorn hour that comes with a remote.

3.) Don't need high tech features. The A-100 works great for me other than being a little laggy running YAMJ. And the fact that Popcorn Hour has given up on it.

4.) Open to the idea of HTPC. Last time I ran one was through a Windows box. I like the idea of a HTPC because I can make sure that it will be able to play all new codecs, and cool customizations. What I don't like is that they are physically ugly looking, bigger than your normal box, loud if they have case fans, need IR wires hanging out of the thing to be able to use a remote. But maybe things have changed in the past several years.

Thanks in advance. I already started doing my own research, but this community is so well educated, I am sure you can all save me some time with suggestions.

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How about the WDTV Streaming Media Player at $75 from Amazon?

• Slick graphical UI

• Customizable skins (themes)

• Will stream from your UnRaid

• Supports downloadable movies sheets and TV series info

• Plays all of the popular codecs

• Has wireless n wifi built in

• Comes with a decent programmable remote control

• Also has a free iPhone remote app which is pretty slick

• Lots of built in services like Netflix

I have had one of these for a few months now it does just about everything I want.

I think it is excellent value for money.

Hope this is helpful.


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