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So i'm ready to buy a new TV as I just moved and my research has all pointed me towards a Plasma for screen quality.

Things I don't need or care for is a smart TV or 3D, so I was hoping that I could keep costs down there, because I plan on adding a HTPC which will do all of those functions anyways.

I've been looking at

The Samsungs




As far as I can see the only difference between the 5500 and the rest is 3d. but I can't find the difference between the H5000 and the F5300? Does anyone know??

Now after reading about the high light issues with Plasma I'm not worried since I have no direct sunlight that will ever be shining on the TV as my house faces N / S and the windows / Roof don't really allow direct sunlight to where the TV will be sitting. There will be ambient light but I don't think enough to cause problems.

Can anyone tell me the difference between the listed above, or why / why I wouldn't want these sets?

The goal of the TV will be occasional gaming, but mostly movie/tv watching so things like Input lag are not really super high on my list of features.

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