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Alright, so our newest TV in the house is like... 10 years old. Maybe more. Maybe a 25" CRT? In any case, my dad's looking to get something new for once we're all moved out, when the bonusroom is converted to a media room, heh. In any case, DLPs are mostly ruled out because he is highly annoyed by the terrible picture at oblique viewing angles. Requirements are 45-50" or so, and as close to $1500 or under as we can get. So far I've recomended...


...but I'm wondering what other options I might consider. Is that Panny a good unit?

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Originally Posted by Nawhitfi /forum/post/0

Grrr, why doesn't the Amazon link work?

Because it's against this forum's rules to link retail sites or reveal street pricing
Link the manufacturer's site instead.

Whatever Panasonic that is, it's a good one (they all are)
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