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I'm looking for a receiver to hook up generally everything. My desires for it are that it would be Android compatible, 7.1 or 7.2 at most, I don't need a 9.1 system or anything like that. I'd like it to be 90-110 watts or so per channel roughly and I know they always tend to over rate things but it is what it is. Before I had looked at the Pioneer VSX-1121-k but it seems as though you can't use it as a pre-out for an amp setup later on. Thats my biggest concern and as weird as it is I swore they had that feature before. Now its the 1122-k but the pre-outs are gone at this point. Anyway, I digress but I'm looking for a great bang for the buck receiver in the $600 range or less if possible with the features listed. I'm not stuck on one brand or another but I've always had good luck with pioneer for being packed with great features at a decent price point. I looked at a premier vsx-52 I believe it was but can't find one now because they are apparently "obsolete". Sooooooo, to narrow it down I'm going for



Android compatible


Cable box

and pre-outs for an Emotiva 3 channel amp for my front mains. Rear channels will be amped later on when its possible but for now with budget constraints I can't do it. I may save up for the Emotiva 5 channel amp they have which I like a lot as well.

Anything helps!


Here's my basic setup now with DVD, Cable, and Receiver all in one spot. I have room for 2 more amps which will be added later.

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The Denon 3312 is available for $610 from Electronics Expo since it's being discontinued. It was originally a $1200 receiver. There is an Android application that works fairly well also. It meets all of your other requirements as well.
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