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Looking for a switchplate for component cable

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I am running component cable from my plasma mounted above my fireplace to my receiver which will be on a side wall. I want to run the cables before drywall goes in. Would the easiest way to do this be to run the cable with the loose ends sticking out of the wall or to have a faceplate with the component jacks so I can just plug 2 small cables (one to tv and one to receiver.) The latter is my prefence. Can anyone please let me know if this is a possibility...I know that would look good also.


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Something like this?


They also have 6-hole keystone plates, if you want to run 2 sets of cables.
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Thanks for the info. Will there be any signal or picture quality loss if I have 2 faceplates? One faceplate behind TV and the other where my equiptment is? I guess then the main component cable will be behind the wall..

Suggestion: go ahead and run HDMI in the wall, as well. You'll want it eventually. You can also get cover plates from Parts Express ( www.partsexpress.com )
You might also consider using a hooded pass through plate like the one shown here:


I used several of these in my equipment closet, and it is a perfect way to have a clean look without introducing any unnecessary connections between your display and your gear. With these plates, my speaker wire runs directly to my speakers with no breaks, my component/hdmi cables run directly to my projector from the source equipment with no breaks, etc. Using a plate like this also means that you only have to buy one cable instead of three (one from the source to the plate, one CL-rated cable inside the wall between the two plates, and a third cable to go between the plate and the display).

You can get a little better idea of what these look like if you take a look at the picture showing the back of my equipment rack in my theater picture page (in my signature).

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