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I'm currently running a Yamaha RX-V540. Here are the specs if anyone is interested.

httpx:// www.yamaha.com/yec/products/productdetail.html?CNTID=200241&CTID=5000300&ATRID=1010&DETYP=ATTRIBUTE

(can't post URLs yet, delete the x in httpx)

I'd like a receiver that can provide more power to my speakers, as well as a cleaner signal at high outputs. The reason why I'm interested in a used model such as the 1015tx is because of the good reviews it has received in the past. I'm also interested in the auto speaker calibration software, as well as the ability to set the x-over).

My main concern is sound quality. I'm not concerned about HDMI, however. I plan on upgrading to a HDMI capable receiver (maybe SC-05) down the line.

My question for everyone is, is the Pioneer 1015TX, compared to my current Yamaha, enough of an "upgrade" that will produce a better/cleaner sound to my speakers?

My current setup consists of: JBL EC35, E90, E30, SVS PB10. The living room is roughly medium sized.
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