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First time poster looking for advice on paint. So far I've looked at Grey Steel Flat Matt as an option from a friends recommendation but I'm open to all ideas.


I've recently started clearing and converting an extra room (W 328 cm x L 500 cm) into a dedicated game/movie room and have just purchased a EPSON EH-TW5200.


My use will be 70% gaming and 30% movie.


At the moment the ceiling is Dulux Pure Brilliant White (Matt), and three walls are in a Dulux Almond White (Silk)


The wall I am projecting onto (W 328 cm  x H 237 cm) to test is unpainted, apart from 3 strips of tester paint (Dulux Grey Steel 1, 2 and 3)


I've taken some very early photos below taken from my phone from GTA5 and GT6, the grubby marks are drying polyfiller btw.  It wasn't a totally dark room either when I took them and I still need to blackout the windows.


I'm not 100% sure the projector is also configured right as I've just got it running, but atm the middle (Grey Steel 2) seems to give the best black and white. The left looks like it'll be good for movies but the right is so much more vibrant.


Is there any way to get the blacks from the left column and the white from the right in one magic paint?

Or will there always be a compromise, or can it only really be achieved by a much more expensive projectors? Mine was only ~£600 discounted, but I can see they go for thousands :|


It's been suggested I use a white primer before I paint to make sure the grey is even.


Any advice?











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