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I have a Hafler Transnova P3000 I use for Stereo and I was originally considering tracking down 4 more to use with my Denon DN-A7100, but I live in Japan right now, and importing (and more likely than not eventually exporting) 5 large 23lb amps, as well as dealing with eBay from overseas just doesn't appeal to me.

Locally, the pickings are pretty slim, but I have been able to track down the Behringer A500 and ART-SLA1 and SLA2 here. Does anyone have any experience with these? The ARTs are appealing because of the small size, low THD ratings and Balanced Inputs (which are a definite must), whereas I've actually seen reviews and posts about the Behringer (leaned both ways).

Anyone words of wisdom from those in the know?
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