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Looking for an inexpensive 3.1 or 5.1 set

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My viewing room is small, like 12x16.

I recently purchased an Onkyo TX-SR507 receiver and have been using my speakers from my Logitech Z-5500 computer speaker set, no subwoofer.

I has quickly occured to me that these speakers are not powerful enough for the job, especially the center speaker.

So I am looking for an inexpensive set that will out-do my current speakers.

I may have to go the 3.1 route as I don't really have a place to put my rear speakers nor does the idea of having visible wire running around my room sound appealing. I live in an apartment, so I can't go through the walls.

I would entertain the idea of getting a 5.1 set now and holding on to the rears for later (I won't live here forever!).

So what do you recommend? I was looking at the Energy 5.1's because they get good reviews around here. I've always liked Klipsch speakers.

I'd say my budget is around $300, but I'd go up to $400 if I knew I was getting something great.

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It's a tight budget, but check out these packages from TSC...



Alternately you could get the TSBL mains, TC2 center, and a Parts Express Dayton SUB-100 for around $410.
go to fluance.com nice setup for low cost. i have had them for more than five years with no problems.
For a 3.1 system, two of these Energy C-50 Bookshelfs ($47 ea):


One of C-C50 center ($79)


At Costco, the Energy EW8-HG subwoofer is on sale for $129 after instant discount (I think).

Total - $302.

For 5.1, four satellites, the center and the sub (two satellites for later use when you have the room) sets you back $396 total.
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spend more on the sub, the ESW-8 is not a great value when for $200 you can get a BIC F12, PA-120, HD SUB12 or something like that. combined with an inexpensive pair of bookshelf speakers and a center (like the Energy's suggested above) you will have a pretty sweet budget 3.1 setup.
And also, if you wanted to Energy sub, the TSC ASW-8 is nearly completely identical for $99 with free shipping both ways.

So either that, or spend a bit more to get the larger subs that batpig listed. Cheers!
Major thanks everyone, I'm going to start looking around now.

I was under the impression that for budget I should just get a package.

Specifically, I looked at this:

And in the bottom right you see they will throw in the sub for under $350. How is this?

Keep in mind, I am NOT an audiophile and this is for an apartment, with units around me. So I don't want to be rumbling the walls and waking the neighbors.
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if you just want some nice, small speakers for an apartment and aren't looking to rattle the foundation, that setup (Take Classic + ESW-C8) sub is a very nice value. It's simple, all-in-one package that will sound great at moderate volumes with a very small form factor.

If that appeals to you, go for it.
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