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Looking for Bestbuy 480p DVD player

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Hi everyone,

I recently bought a Pioneer plasma with an Aurora a-304 video card. Apparantley this vid card upscales better than any dvd player on the market (sub $1000 that is.) So, basically I am looking for a good 480p dvd player from BestBuy. I usually get my electronics elsewhere but I have around $140 in rewardzone credit I would like to use up. My only requirements are that it have a component output and optical output for sound. I just want a stand alone dvd player that doesnt cost a fortune and does not have a lot of known problems. Here is the final list of dvd players that suit my needs sold by BB. Thanks in advance for any recommendations out of this group.

Sony DVP-NS575P


Sony DVPNS775

Yamaha DVS5750 (the one I am leaning towards)

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The Sony DVP-NS775V seems to get good reviews on this board.
I bought the Yamaha DVS750, pretty nice player. I think its a step up from the others you mentioned in build (6 pounds vs 4-5 pounds with the others) and the warranty is a full one year. PQ is decent for a budget player, good richness of color, probably as good or better depth detail to picture. Not alot of frills but a nice feature set.
Originally posted by AkaStp
What about the Pioneer 578? They recently had them at my local BB for about $125 and its a well regarded player around this forum (does SA-CD and DVD-A).
Hmmm, I will have to check. I dont recall my local BB having any Pio DVD players. Thanks for the input.
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