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Looking for creative solutions; Howd you map your Harmony remote (550)?

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So im interested to hear how other people have mapped their 550 keys since my current setup is just not working well.

For example: since I use them quite often, I moved my PVR's "A" and "B" buttons to the "SKIP" and "REPLAY" keys-but, when you are navigating with the arrow keys, its a bit of a reach to get up there...

Now I gotta figure out where im going to pul the "replay" and "live" keys...seems there are just not enough buttons.

Anyone have any interesting, creative setups they wanna share?
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I am still playing around, but I think most of my tweaking is done. Here is the direction I am going.

I only have few activities defined, but my general approach is to dedicate the top-level physical buttons to whatever media player (DVD or VCR) is active, and then use the "Picture" button to redirect the physical buttons to their analogous television controls. Not very creative, actually, but easy to remember. Some of the physical buttons (Volume Up/Down, Prev, Mute, etc) always apply to the TV, so I do not reassign them. I also always redefine the "\\/" and "/\\" arrows to control Aspect Ratio and Favorite Channels for the TV, regardless of activity. Likewise, no matter what activity or mode I am in, the Play/Pause/FF/etc keys are always left as is to control playback of media.

The "Additional" buttons are dedicated to functions that are not obviously analogous to anything on the physical buttons (ie., schedule recording, disc maintenance, etc), or tend to be used together frequently. I also try to have quick access to OK and PowerToggle under Additionals.

For the raw device Additional keys, I do not modify any of the defaults, but have added my own favorite mappings at the bottom ("New Page") and then get to them quickly by pressing the "
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