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looking for dealers in LA area

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hello all: i'm putting together a 2 channel stereo system (monitor speakers, amp/preamp or integrated amp, and cd player. budget around 5k. looking for dealers to audition gear in LA area. i live in yucaipa, but anywhere within 100 miles would be ok. tried manufacturer websites but haven't had too much luck so far. thanks in advance
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Which particular brands are you interested in?
Hey Pin,

I did go the DMC 2 wks ago, was there comparing the Bronze & PSB's. I am leaning towards getting the B2's but am sidetracked as I want to hear the B&W 601s3 & Kef Q1s.

Dave @ DMC is very helpful & let me play w/his stuff while he was constantly answering incoming calls. I also went to that place in El Monte but they didnt have the one I was looking for (kef Q1)

have you guys any experience w/ the B&W or the KEFs?
already bought alot of gear from dave at dmc for my ht. looking for other places to broaden my horizons. looking for proac, vandersteen, thiel speakers, classe', jolida electronics. any other suggestions?

I am not familiar with the B&W 601 S3, but I did hear the 705 bookshelf speakers the other day, at Sound Factor in Rosemead, and I was not impressed....... As for KEF, I had a pair of floorstanders from the Q series 8 years ago and that was one of the worst stereo purchases I've ever made, I sold it at a loss in the end. KEF's speakers may be better these days, but you'll have to find out for yourself. You may want to check out the NHT SB2 which I like quite a bit even though it can be a little bass shy. Hope this helps. :)

There are serveral dealers in Westminster that carry Jolida and Classe' stuff, have you checked them out already?

Proac & Vandersteen speakers have very different sound, can you be more specific about your preference in sound? I haven't heard any Thiel's speakers and am curious about them myself. :)

just starting my search, only auditioned the dynaudio s 52 monitors at sound factor in pasadena was impressed. alot more transparent than the polk lsi 15 in my ht. clarity and imaging were alot better. bass was alot cleaner. basiclly i want and orchestra to sound like an orchestra and a piano to sound like a piano, and great vocals. i prefer a big open, natural soundstage, prefer warm and laid back to up front, but want to listen to everything i can.

dmc is the only store i know in that area, would appreciate info.

located thiel at the digital ear in tustin but haven't called them yet to find out what models they have in stock.
top audio has proac, jm lab, paradigm, totem

for electronics conrad johnson, sim audio, mcintosh....oh jeez i forgot

just call them

www.dmc-electronics.com to fnid out what he has

soundworld has dali

audio video today has b&w sonus faber meridian nht quad anthony gallo

there's a small shop on euclid and westminster that carries krell but i forgot the name
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You may want to check the PSB Platinum M2 at DMC, which I think may have you are after. I have not heard the Dynaudio Audience 52, but did hear some Audience & Contour floorstanders by side and I liked the Contours a lot better.

Please check your PM. :)
If Santa Monica is within reach, try Optimal Enchantment for Vandersteen, Audio Research, Ayre, dCs. I really like the guy who runs it and he can really show you what a Vandersteen is capable of. See the following link for the address and phone number. He's open Tuesday through Saturday.


Maps on us shows 86 miles from Yucaipa to Santa Monica.
Originally posted by keith jay
...just starting my search, only auditioned the dynaudio s 52 monitors at sound factor in pasadena was impressed...
Dynaudio audience 52s are excellent for the price...i owned some audience 50s in the past and loved their sound...:) Contours are even better...:D

Thiel can be found at Sound Factor Santa Monica....the recent Thiel speakers are very detailed and extremely revealing...

you might want to try Ambrosia in Bel Air as well...they carry Revel, Aerial, Eggleston, Meridian and others...

if you liked the Dyn sound, you might also check out Vienna Acoustics and Sonus Faber at Magnolia HiFi in Santa Monica as well...
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Originally posted by snb3
...but am sidetracked as I want to hear the B&W 601s3....

have you guys any experience w/ the B&W...?
IMHO, good quality sound in the B&W lineup doesn't happen until you get to the 700 series and higher...
Top Audio (to add to Khoa's list) also carries Sonus Faber, Aragon, Intregra, Krell, and Anthem.
Originally posted by Mad Dog
IMHO, good quality sound in the B&W lineup doesn't happen until you get to the 700 series and higher...
This is very true. :D
thanks for all the info. do you have phone number or website for top audio? where are they located? also, who are the jolida and classe' dealers mentioned?
Top Audio (next to Bank of America)

8860 Bolsa Avenue Suite C

Westminster, CA 92683

(714) 891-8944

David w/DMC has Jolida and Audio Video Today has Classe. All these dealers are within 5 miles from each other.
thanks for all the help guys. i guess i'll be heading to westminster this weekend, and santa monica after that. good thing i just changed the oil.
You may also want to go to The Digital Ear on 17th Street in Tustin (check their web site: www.digitalear.com )

They have Thiels, Magnepans, Martin Logans (to name a few).

It appears they have several demonstration rooms as well.
hey snb3- which PSB s did you audition and what did you think?
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