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hey guys,

I'm hopeful that you might be able to help me to find some DIY designs that I could use for my next build. I know what I want, something that resembles the look of the B&W 802d's. I've been able to find a few different designs that fit the basic profile of what I'm looking for. So I was wondering if you had any additional designs that I may have missed. I'm pretty new to the scene and I just built my first set of speakers about a year ago; the SR71's from Zaph.

I was previously limited by my available space, I recently moved to a new house and the room that I do most of my listening/watching is significantly larger than the old room. I now have the space to build something of substantial size. My two initial ideas are either something large like the statements and a sub enclosure (very similar to the style of the 802 cabinet) sitting next to each tower that would hold two or three subs each. Or, something very similar to the 802d's and then just add additional subs (not necessarily right next to the fronts). I like the statement and 802 style sub enclosure idea because I could always build the statement center to go along with it.

Since this setup will be in our family room I do plan to watch a movie here and there. But I will mostly use this set up for music. I'll probably just use my SR71's as surrounds or maybe use my old Mirage satellites for surrounds?? Again, this will not be the main movie watching environment.

Here's a designs that I think would fit my general requirements.

*I would like the cabinets to be curved, but this is the general idea of what I'm looking for.

I listen to everything from Eric Clapton to LMFAO. My source gear isn't anything to special at this time; I have an older Yamaha integrated amp (not being used currently), a Marantz SR5006 AV receiver and a Sony blueray player. I realize that I may need to get some new electronics as part of this project but I would like to keep it somewhat simple and I require that I would still able to listen to Pandora via my Directv box or iTunes from a laptop or ipod.

Total budget needs to stay within $3k (not including building materials) for pre/pro and amps or receiver should they be required, speakers, subs and sub amps. I'll probably just do pro audio amp like QSC or Crown for the subs.

My room is 23x20, wide open to the kitchen which is about 15x23 and a ceiling height of about 18'. Room treatments for sound are null at this time. Just carpet, couches, coffee table and end tables.

Any ideas or more questions that I didn't cover? Thanks for any ideas or input you can pass along. And yes I will do a build thread once I land on a project. I would like to start this project within the next month or two at the latest. It's summer in Chicago and I need to build something...Speaking of building, I would like to think that I'm reasonably knowledgeable at building things. I've done cabinet and case work, I've done rough framing, I've done trim work I had my own construction company for about 5 years as a general contractor specializing in basements and bathrooms. I've already got about every tool I would need for a project of this complexity. But I know nothing of crossover design or tweaking, so this must be an existing design that I can manipulate the enclosure to meet may style requirements.
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