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Looking for DLP TV suggestions please!

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I currently own a Hitachi 65S500 (65in rear projection TV) but I'm ready for something new.. and already found a buyer for my Hitachi =)

I was looking into DLP TVs.. I haven't done a tone of research on them yet, but I wanted to know which models to look into and which to stay away from. Here are my requirements:

1 - Must be sub $3000.

2 - Must be at least 50" (the larger the better)

3 - Must have a DVI input, as this is used for my home theatre PC with my ATI All in Wonder with DVI out.

What would you all suggest? Thanks!

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The Samsung becuase it is the only one with a DVI. If you can use an HDMI to DVI cable with your PC, then I would recommend the Mitsubishi. It has the best picture and is of the highest quality in terms of design and build. One suggestion is wait on the next generation of DLP Samsungs. If you are going to buy one, I would wait and get it with a Cable Card, Optical output for Sound, an integrated ATSC and NTSC Tuner and an RGB input. I am waiting patiently for the new line of LCOS from JVC. They are making a 56 inch that has Firewire Input/Outputs, and Integrated ATSC/NTSC Tuner, Cablecard, PC RGB inputs and a PCM Optical Output for Sound to a Recievor. I would look at this set before I would buy another DLP. They just don't look as good unless you buy the Mitsubishi which is the best DLP made. I highly recommend it but they are 30-40% more money.
Originally posted by Buck's SCSW
Sony KDF-55XS955
Huh? Sony does not make DLPs (which is what the poster is looking for).
Originally posted by BillP
Huh? Sony does not make DLPs (which is what the poster is looking for).
That's ok. As long as he's looking for the best RP TV on the market, that's what he needs to buy. :cool:
Well, he's looking for a DLP, according to his post, and I for one disagree that the Sony is the "best" HDTV. Many prefer DLP over LCD. There have been numerous threads debating DLP vs LCD, and obviously it comes down to personal preference (rainbows versus screen door and poor blacks, among other things). But, given the original question, let's not hijack this into a DLP vs LCD thread.
I agree, the personal preference between DLP and LCD (rainbows, audio lag, and motion artifacts vs. almost black blacks and more vibrant color) has been discussed ad nauseum. I'm just trying to help someone get the best TV they can. But if he had to settle with a DLP, why not get the Toshiba 52"?

EDIT: I guess no DVI on the Tosh. I guess you would have to buy a Sammy to get what you want. Bummer.
The Panasonic DLP has an HDMI input. Why would it have to be DVI instead of HDMI? There should be several sets with HDMI inputs...don't almost all the DLP's have either HDMI or DVI?
Many DVD players introduce black crush with an HDMI-to-DVI cable (the Samsung 941 is an example). Don't know about the other way around (DVI-to-HDMI).
I have an HLP 5063 purchased at the sub $3K TVA powerbuy price and have never regretted the purchase. It is well built, has all the requested inputs, the screen has no glare, I don't see rainbows, and it has been a joy to own.


It really isn't necessary to wait for a Samsung DLP with cable card and an ATSC tuner. There are two right now. The HL-P4667 and HL-P5067 both have cable card, atsc tuner, and an HDMI input. There is also a power buy for them right now.


Do you need a cable card slot, or ATSC tuner? Are you going to need a stand, or will you be putting it in a cabinet? The Toshibas are a solid set, too, but they have fairly bulky speakers on the side.

If you have any questions regarding price, we can't discuss it on the forum. So just give me a call, and I can fill you in.

[email protected]

1(888)286-5353 Ext 522
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Get the Panasonic DLP if you want the best picture period.
My suggestion would be to buy the Mitsubishi(I felt that it was the best of the DLPs) and use the vga input to connect your computer instead. That's what I did and it looks awesome. Then the HDMI will be available for a HD receiver, upscaling DVD, etc.
Originally posted by BillP
Many DVD players introduce black crush with an HDMI-to-DVI cable (the Samsung 941 is an example). Don't know about the other way around (DVI-to-HDMI).
what is black crush? i have this set up and i have noticed the dark scenes lack good contrast
The Samsung HL-P6163W is listed as having HDMI and DVI input.

If you can wait another 4 months Samsung is supposed to be comming out with a 1080p 67"

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I have the HP-L6163 and LOVE it, I have my direct TV to HDMI and my DVD to DVI...

Amazing picture, 1 month in so far no buyers remorse!!!

I also have an HLP 5063 which I have owned since last summer. I have never seen the rainbows, the HD picture quality is awesome, and I am totally satisfied with this set.

Further (and to your point) I have a PC hooked up to it via a DVI-HDMI input (the DVI input has the D** feed). The PC PC (hehe) also looks awesome even though I have an older GeForce Ti4200 card running it.

I've run DVDs off of the PC and the PC varies somewhat depending on the DVD. However, overall it looks good enough that I will move the current DVD player to another set in the house.

I've also played Counter Strike a fair amount, NeverWinter Nights a bit, and messed around with surfing the Net a lot. In essence, I now consider my DLP to be the monitor for that computer, and there is nothing that I cannot do with it at this point (email, work, play). And make sure you get a set with the second DVI or HDMI input. When I had the computer hooked up via S-Video, the PC sucked.

Good luck!
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I ended up buying a HLP-6163W, it will be here in the next couple days!

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