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Looking for DVD recorder with HD

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I'm looking for a recorder with HD that can upconvert as well (via HDMI or component).

I have see the panasonic and looking for other brands or recommendations.

I will use this pimerley to play DVDs and to copy home made VHS to the HD.

Firewire connection will be great to copy straight from digital camcorder.

I know that couple of the pani has these feature but looking for other alternatives.

I will not use the HD to pause live TV or anyhting like that since I have a dishnetwork DVR.

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So what's a matter with the Panny's? Price?

Because they are probably the best of the lot when it comes to a unit with HMDI Output, Upconversion & A DV Camcorder Input.

Some of the Samsung & LG models Specs. look good but remember with them your not going to get the "Flexible Recording" Mode where you can select the speed (Time) you want to fill the disc plus Panny's 4 Hour "LP" Recording mode has the best picture quality of any brand on the market plus I think Panny's build quality is a lot better than any of the Samsung or LG models. Just my 2 cents
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Nothing wrong with the panny, it is my fisrt choice right now.

I really like the DMR-EH75VS but the 80 GB HD migt be too small.

The EH55s has a 200 GB HD but not VCR. These 2 are my 2 top choices and I just wanted to see if there is another alternative.
What's the cheapest Panny that can also upconvert? Is it the ES25?
yes, I think the ES25 is the cheapest with HDMI.
If I was you & you have a good working VCR already I would get the EH55 with the bigger HDD because you can always transfer Video Tapes from the VCR to the HDD & then do the editing on the HDD & then copy it to a disc so there really is no big advantage in a combo unit.

Don't get me wrong I'm not against a Combo unit & in fact I just bought an older Panny model from a member here for my daughter & it worked out perfect for her.

Also with "ALL" (At least as far as I can tell) Combo units if you ever wanted to copy Store Bought Video Tapes with Macrovision in them using the Combo your not going to be able to use a "Video Filter" with them without hooking up another VCR to the Combo unit.

If you have to have a combo unit though the only one I would buy is one of the Panasonic models.

Yes, the ES25 is Panny's Entry Level HDMI upconversion model & the lowest priced one.
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Thanks Bill. I like the way you think...(-:

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