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This seems to be the closest forum for this question.

Does anyone know of either a basic SVHS VCR or VCR/DVD combo that you can control the volume output via the line level outputs?

This would be for a Barco RetroGraphics 801s rear projection monitor that has a good built-in sound system. It has its own amp and speakers with line-level inputs and the volume is typcially controlled by either the Barco remote or the onboard control panel. A friend of mine want to set one up in his mom's nursing home and doesn't want the old folks fooling with the Barco remote just for volume control.....too confusing, and rife with potential problems if the wrong button is pushed.

A learning remote would be great, but the Barco's IR frequencies are higher than consumer brands. One of the more expensive learning remotes might work, but we'd like to minimize the costs, and complexity.

So, we're looking for something where the same remote for the VCR/DVD box can also be used to control the line-level output. I've seen TV's that have both variable and fixed-level outputs, but we need a set-top box that allows this.

Any suggestions are welcome.


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