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Looking for "enclosed" stand for plasma display

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Hello everyone,

I am looking for a TV stand to set my plasma display upon. I want to put all the A/V components in there.

I've been looking at the links in the Panasonic plasma FAQ and it looks like the vast mjority of stands have an open design. I'm looking for something where the component are enclosed with glass doors in front. You see, I have cats that will snuggle up to my A/V components unless they are enclosed behind doors.

If you have one that you like a lot I'd like to hear from you. Any links would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Would this work?

Plasma Furniture Thread

Ethan Allen sells the perfect piece for what you are talking about. We are having it delivered on Tuesday. There was a thread not too long ago with a picture attached. Keep in mind you don't have to buy the ugly panel where your plasma would go that is attached in the picture.

I believe the name of the thread was "possibly found the perfect plasma furniture"
I currently own a 53" Sony XBR rear-projection TV and had an absolutely gorgeous entertainment center around it from Ethan Allen. When we moved to a much smaller house the entertainment center had to go. The TV will go too once we figure out a plasma furniture plan.

I'll check out what Ethan Allen has for plasmas.
Since I am doing a hurricane forced remodel I am thinking of and have asked my cabinet maker about perhaps building me a cabinet to hang the new Panny 42 I will be getting soon. He seemed interested and will be able to match it with the kitchen and bathroom cabinets. I would like to actually be able to close it up when not in use so he would put some doors on it.

I will let you know how it comes out and will post some pics but it may be January or so.
Originally posted by Joxer
I like this one from Bush:

I bought this one after getting a quotes from $900-1200 from local cabinet makers. Of course their quotes were based on birch, instead of the cheap MDF from Bush. But the color was close enough for me, so I put the $500 into a better DVD player.

It took me almost 2 hours to put it together. I'd also advise for an additional layer of thick clear coat.
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