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Following this thread I am now looking for a new projector.

I have an older Infocus IN72, which I tried to replace with an Epson 8350, but the nonadjustable misaligned panels made me give up on 3-panel technology. Hence my search for a single chip DLP projector.

Here are the requirements:

- Needs to be DLP

- 1080p resolution

- Needs to project a 100" image from ~14.5ft away

- Good quality 2D picture (no need for any 3D)

- Relatively low input lag for some gaming

- Under 2500$

- Available in Canada

Despite these simple requirements I cannot find anything.

I started looking at Infocus, since they are the manufacturer of my current IN72 which I quite enjoyed despite it's 480p resolution.

Sadly they now only manufacture one model of home theater projector available in North America (or so they say), but I cannot find any retailers that would sell it in Canada.

Infocus Out.

Next was Optoma. They have lots of different models, but after playing with the projectorcentral throw calculator, none of them is able to give me a 100" image from ~14.5ft away.

The only one that is able to is the new LED HD91, but it costs about double of my target price, and apparently has an awful input lag.

Searching around a big more, I found refurbished HD8300's and HD8200's. 2100$ and 1300$ respectively. Not sure what to think of them, some positive reviews but nothing spectacular. Being refurbished I would only get 3 months of warranty. And the input lag is unknown.

I then looked at Benq. The cheaper models have the same problem as the Optomas; the short throw does not fit my screen size and distance requirement.

It would nee to be a W7000 or W7500. The first one seems discontinued, and the replacement is nowhere to be found; looks like they didn't start shipping yet.

Sony, they don't have any DLP's, same for Epson.

So far nothing.

I then used projectorcentral's database; input my screen size and distance, dlp technology, home theater type, and when I clicked search I was pretty dissapointed to find only 6 projectors, some covered above.

There's the Vivitek H5080 in there, which I've never heard of that company. it's 2000$ and the throw calculator says I'd be off by a few inches. Maybe I could move my mount a bit, but am unsure if this projector is worth it so I'd rather not.

There's also the Mitsubishi HC7900DW at ~950$, or the more expensive HC8000D at 2700$. Is it worth almost 3 times as much?

Finally there's the ViewSonic Pro8200 but it's specs don't impress me much.

So at this point on my short list I have:

- Refurbished Optoma HD8300 or HD8200

- The still unrealeased Benq W7500

- Mitsubishi HC7900DW

Is this really all that is available out there?

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I bought the BenQ W1070. according to reviews, it has an input lag of ~27ms or so. The other projector i considered is the Optoma HD131Xe, which has superior blacks, brightness, contrast and a little less than half the input lag, making it very suitable for gaming. The Optoma on the other hand is difficult to calibrate and has a more noticeable RBE. Lamp price for the optoma is roughly 2/3 of that for the BenQ.


Can't give you advise for 1k$+ projectors as I didnt even consider them, but yeah, if you wanna go with ~800 bucks, you probably want the Optoma HD25e or HD131Xe.

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You may want to look at used Planar PD8150/30. Not sure about 100" at 14' but may do it.. Mine is on a 110 from about 16 or 17'

Marants VP15 show up on ebay every so often and both will give you a better all around image than any of the the under $3000 new DLP but not as much light output.. with a 100" you should be fine. Also going price on them should not be over $1500..

Good luck!
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