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I have tried to get surround sound from my laptop to the home theater setup in the past, but was never able to get it going. I know the system is capable of handling 5.1, as my old laptop worked fine, also I have an xbox 360, connected in the same way (hdmi to the TV, then optical out to the receiver), but i have never been able to get my current lapotop to output more than 2 channels.

Can somebody point me in the right direction? If anybody knows where I could find an INF already created that would work with my laptop/TV, it would be greatly appreciated, as my last attempt at trying to create an INF was extremely frustrating and unsuccessful. If there is an easy process to do this I'd love to know, but there seems to be hundreds of pages of conflicting information so I haven't been able to get anywhere with that..

Here's my setup:

PC: HP Pavilion DV6

Video adapter: AMD Radeon 6700M

TV: Samsung Ln46a530

Receiver: Pioneer Elite VSX-54TX

I'd be greatful for any tips or suggestions! Thanks,
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