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I have the projector SHARP XV-C20E and I haven't

yet solved the following problem:

This projector has a fixed-focus lens (F2, f=56.5mm)

so the picture size is given by the projection distance:

Projection Picture

distance Size (diag.)


3m 1.7m

4.5m 2.6m

Unfortunately I'd like a picture size of 1.7m for a

projection distance of 4.5m !!!

My first idea was to replace the original lens by a

new one but I don't think it's possible.

My second idea was to add a lens in front of the projector

but it doesn't seem to work.

My third idea was to add a zoom in front of the projector:

I don't know a place to buy this and

my class lessons are far away so I haven't yet managed

to calculate the lenses and the distance between them to

make one.

I hope someone will already have solve this kind of problem or will have some technical datas to share with me.

Please, help me ;-)

Thank you,

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