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I am trying to get an equalizer to work between a receiver and powered center speakers
in a surround set-up. Is it possible? Here are the details:

My surround setup:
> Yamaha RX-V663 receiver
> Realistic 31-2018A equalizer
> original Wharfedale Active Diamond powered speakers* (for center channel)

All the surround speakers are amplified by the Yamaha receiver, with the exception of the center channel,
which are connected directly to the Pre-Out center jack because those speakers are self-powered.

I am very satisfied with the sound as a whole, but the center speakers could use some
equalization/tone control to and help clarify the dialogue.
Upping the center volume helps,
but I would like to emphasize mid-tones, as these speakers are great with music, but the dialogue sounds a bit muffled.
There is equalization built into the receiver, but I don't think it affects the Pre-Out output, and with this Yamaha model
you cannot EQ individual channels/speakers.

I have tried this connection: Yamaha Pre-Out Center > EQ Tape Mon (Right) In > EQ Main (Right) Out > Wharfedale powered speakers -
with both the "Tape Mon" & "EQ Rec" buttons pushed On.

This is the only connection which results in sound coming from the speakers, and works whether the Equalizer is powered on or not.
However, with this connection the EQ has no effect whatsoever.

I've tried many other connection combinations, for example: Main In > Main Out = no sound from speakers.

Anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong, or will Equalization just not work in this instance?

*These original Wharfedale Active Diamond speakers are mid-Eighties vintage. I found this info about the speakers: "These are not true active speakers
as they use passive crossovers after one amplifier per channel rather than a line level crossover driving separate amplifiers per driver,
but they do have a built in amplifier which makes them convenient for many purposes. The amplifier used is a good quality "chipamp",
used nearly 20 years before they came into fashion".

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An active speaker has one or more ampd built in. Whether biamping is active or passive within the speakers is irrelevant. Connect the c enter line level output from the amp to one channel of the eq. Same channel of the eq to the input of the speaker. running through the tape loop is not needed when you aren't using the receiver's smps.

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This shouldn't be that hard.

Tried to google the EQ manual but no luck so I can't give you a step-by-step.

Hopefully there are LINE-IN AND LINE-OUT jacks on the back and that's all you need, ignore the TAPE stuff.

The TAPE MONITOR button, either by itself or in conjunction with another button will select LINE-IN as you input, and that should do it.

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Thanks for all your help and suggestions, but I now feel that maybe this equalizer that I just got from Ebay doesn't work.

I suppose just because a component turns on and lights up is no guarantee that it's actually working. It's a shame because I like the looks of this Realistic EQ.
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