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Looking for Home Theatre Audio $5000.00 budget

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Welcome to AVS.

These things are subjective as all get out, but if I had a $5000 budget this is what I'd get. This is assuming you don't want to buy used which would open your choices considerably.

Denon AVR3801 receiver

3 pairs of Sonus Faber Concertino speakers

SVS subwoofer

The Denon gives you DD/DTS/EX etc and has 7 channels of amplification.

The Sonus Fabers are great speakers and you can have identical speakers all around which is ideal.

The SVS subs are the best bang for the buck out there.

Good luck

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One possible option:

AV Receiver

Denon - AVR-4800 - Dolby Digital and THX Ultra certified THX Ultra 5.1 and 4.0 post-processing DTS decoding with DTS "ES" compatibility

125 watts per channel X 5 channels ($1999 Full MSRP - $1500 street)

Speakers http://www.monitoraudio.com/products/silver/index.html

Monitor Audio Silver Series 5i ($999/pair Full MSRP -$850 street)

Monitor Audio Silver Series 3i ($599/pair Full MSRP -$510 street)

Monitor Audio Silver Series Center 10 ($599 Full MSRP -$510 street)

Monitor Audio Silver ASW210 Subwoofer ($999/pair Full MSRP -$850 street)

Total Speaker cost = $2720

Cables http://www.bettercables.com/

Total Set-up cost = $4220 (part of remaining $780 can be used for cables)

Demo this set-up.


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I am building a complete home theatre. I am trying to figure out the audio portion. Here is the details so far:

1) Room is 27'x15' with 8.5' ceiling

2) Built in basement

3) Will be used mostly for HDTV, Movies, Super Bowl parties

4) Budgeted $5000.00 just for audio including amps, receiver,


5) Dedicated room for HT

What would be a good audio system for $5000.00?

What receiver?

What AMP? Integrated with receiver?

Should it be both DTS and AC3?

What speakers?

What Sub Woofer?

Any help appreciated.

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I'd say Michaels put together an excellent system for your budget.

While the Monitors are great value, you might also try the M&K S85's with one of their smaller subs, suits the Denon very well.

With a room that size, I'd recommend 2 subs.


John Golitsis

Next Big Thing Electronics

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
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