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Looking for information on Audio Request Fusion Pro/Zone

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So I just bought an Audio Request Fusion Pro and Fusion Zone at a local thrift store, for $45 and $25 respectively. And I am trying to find out a bit more about these products, namely what the highest bitrate song they are capable of playing. I have been able to find the manuals but nothing on the specs. Can anyone tell me more about these?
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page 13 of the manual.

4. Recording Music
4.1 Record Music from an Audio CD
This section will lead you through the process of recording (also known as encoding) music
from a CD onto your AudioReQuest. AudioReQuest allows you to record an entire CD or
selected tracks. Note: Music will continue to play while encoding if playback is
started before encoding. In addition, you can still use the transport and QuickPlay
4.1.1 Recording Quality
AudioReQuest uses MPEG-layer 3 (MP3), WAV (Lossless Uncompressed), and/or FLAC
(Lossless Compressed) in order to store your music. This enables AudioReQuest to store a
large collection of music internally, so that you don’t have to shuffle around to find your
favorite CD.
MPEG-layer 3 (MP3): The AudioReQuest can record in different bit rates. Higher bit rates
give better quality but take up more room and store less music. Smaller bit rates provide
much more capacity, but reduce quality. AudioReQuest uses 320 Kbps (the highest bit rate)
as a default.
WAV (Lossless Uncompressed): The WAV format is uncompressed, replicating the
original CD exactly.
FLAC (Lossless Compressed): FLAC retains the same quality as WAV, but with its
compression averages around half the file size, allowing up to twice the amount of music to
be stored at the original CD quality. If you plan on using portable players, FLAC may not be
Note: The Nitro family of products only supports MP3 encoding.
To change the default recording setting, press the MENU (F3) button, and go to Settings →
Encoding Options → Recording Quality and choose the setting you want.
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