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Looking for LCD TV/PC Monitor

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Hi all,

I am looking for a 20-26" LCD HDTV to use as a PC Monitor also. I have an 18" LCD Monitor right now that I use with my PC. I have a Nvidia 6800 GT in it as the vidoe card. I use it for work as well as some gamig like World of Warcraft and Quake 4 for example. I run at 1280x1024 currently and would like to stay close to that for the PC portion.

I also plan to hook up my Xbox to it also. I wont be doing much DVD viewing. It will moslty be for computer work/gaming and some Xbox.

I know I need one with DVI input and it looks like the resoltion needs to be 1280 x 768 or higher.

I have looked at the Zenith Z23Lz5r, Magnavox 26MF605W, Samsung SRS LT-P227W and this Syntax Olevia LT26HVE .

I am realy want to save space and take out the old 20" TV and table it is siting on and have the all in one on my desk. But, I do not want to spend money and get a LCD that I cant use as a PC monitor.

I am looking to spend less then $750 or so. It does not have to be the top level LCD.


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I am also interested in this as well. I have been researching LCD TVs trying to find the ones that work well with a PC. From what I have read, the Sharps and the Samsungs seem to work well with PC's, but I am not sure about the Zenith's, Magnovox, or the Syntax. Whichever you end up buying, make sure you have found some people on here with that model and have experiance using as a PC or buy from a place that has a friendly return policy. In your price range you can get a Dell 20.1"(well below your price) or a 24". I hear they make excellent gaming monitors but not sure how well they will work with consoles. They are also much higher in resolution.
Since you already have an 18" monitor, try to get at least a 24" LCD for the size difference to be really significant. The one problem with gaming on LCD-TVs is that many TVs are 16:9 widescreen and alotta games only support 4:3 aspect ratios.
Question about the Dell 2405 fpw and its 20 inch brother:

I noticed that Dell put out a new 30 inch monster of an LCD with a number of 30-07.

So, I'm curious: Are these 20 and 24's staying current for a while, or are we soon to see 2007 and 2407's?
i would not buy a monitor unless it was HDCP compliant...
Originally Posted by DrCrawn
i would not buy a monitor unless it was HDCP compliant...
That's true. I need to remember the headaches forthcoming with Vista...

Right now I have a Samsung 213T LCD that's really good that I use, but I'm starting to get that "I want widescreen" itch... ;)
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