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Looking for low-end suggestions

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I used to be on these forums a lot when I built me theater about 15 years ago. I have been very happy with my setup, but it is time to upgrade the receiver. I currently have a Pioneer Elite VSX-45TX (funny, that link still shows msrp as $1400, I only paid $750 when I bought it), and it still works perfectly....but 15 years ago HDMI switching was not an option. :D

I am looking for something comparable as far as sound quality and wattage, just would like all of the new bells and whistles (I honestly don't know what all of them are...but things I can think of that are important: Chromecast, hdmi, wifi, streaming, android integration).

I don't really have a preference for brand that much. I am happy with my Pioneer, and I have also owned Denon and Yamaha in the past.

I would like to keep the price around $300 if possible, of course lower is better, I don't have any problem with getting a year or two old model if it is a good deal...it will still be a vast improvement over my current receiver.

Does anyone have some suggestions, on where I should start my search for a replacement receiver?
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I won't post prices here but check out Accessories4Less.com, they have plenty of options that should meet your needs. What type of processing do you need? I'm assuming no Atmos speakers.

The Pioneer Elite VSX-LX102 might be what you are looking for at a good looking price.
@Innova There has been a weird spike in prices recently, so maybe wait for a deal or as @Mocs123 said, refurbished might be a good way to go?

First, Onkyo typically puts the most features in their receivers and on the other end of the spectrum Yamaha has the fewest but they are known for reliability and typically have the best phone app. Pioneer is now owned by Onkyo, so many of their features are similar now.

Here are some suggestions from each manufacturer to review.

Pioneer - vsx-lx302
Onkyo - 676, 686, 777 or rz630 (above budget but 9 channels)
Yamaha rx-v683 and tsr-7850 (above budget at Costco but excellent receiver)
Denon - x1400/1500 and x2400 (when on sale)
Open box Onkyo rz730? I know I saw them for $369.99 on an authorized dealer website a couple weeks ago.
Thanks for the replies so far, everyone, very helpful. I am also in no rush, so I can wait for a deal, just need to know what a good receivers so I know which ones to keep an eye out for! Suggestions so far have helped.

One thing, is my speaker setup is currently 7.1, and I don't see that changing, so any more channels than that would be wasted.
You may keep an eye on the used market as well.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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