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Hi guys,

been a while since I posted. Im finishing my basement and need to grab myself some cables so I can finish my drywall. Was hoping to get your opinions on a few things. I need the following:

Projector - I'd like to keep it under $2500. Looks like Epson 5030 has the best reviews? I have 3 windows and double French doors in my basement. All will have shades to keep the light low. Primary usage of this room will be evenings and sun is always on front of house. Football season will be the only time it will be heavily used in daylight. Anyone recommend anything better than this projector? If so please explain why if not too much trouble. I do not care about 3D. Take it or leave it.

The run from the projector to the a/v rack is 26ft at the max, maybe less depending on where I have to mount projector. I was going to order a 30ft hdmi cable from here:


Any issues with this cable or anyone have a better one?

I would also like to add that I have enough room to go as close or as far away to the wall with the projector. The wall is 11ft wide and 7'6" in height. How close does something like this epson I am asking about need to be mounted for a very large picture? What is the recommended display size for best image quality and brightness? This info would help me out so i know which bay I need to drop my cables and mount my power outlet in before doing my ceiling.

I would be plugging this projector via hmdi into a receiver (which I have yet to buy) and would only be running a tv cable box and PS3 or PS4 with attached hard drive full of media. I'm assuming I can plug both of these devices into input 1 and 2 of the receiver and just switch between them right?

The other thing I want to do is run a vga cable from the projector back to my a/v rack so I can hook up a laptop whenever I want. My gripe is vga has to be close to life end. Looks like mini hdmi is the next standard cable for laptop to projectors? I am going to toss a 1" pvc pipe with a couple pieces of string from my projector to rack but would like to run whatever I can while I have it open. Anyone have any opinions on this?

I am missing anything for what I want to do?

I also am going to running a 5.1 speaker system. Have a pair of boston acoustics VR593 and a vri553 center channel. Going to pick up a pair of BA rears and a sub. Should I use 14 gauge or 12 gauge speaker wire in the walls? I know I need CL3 rated wire. I'd like to order all the wires tomorrow and run them in the wall before the weekend.

Any help from you pro's is greatly appreciated!!!


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