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Looking for new crt

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HI my best friend just had his Mitsubishi 1281 he bought from new ruined when his basement flooded.His insurance is willing to replace but he is only looking for brand

new.Does anyone still make new ones or does anyone know of a retailer who might

still have any left in stock.Thanks
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You have a Private Message :)
If ya got the bucks and want the best picture Tim's the [email protected]@@
This is the second time first in a lightning storm and his insurance coughed up 25000

for his mits here in Canada.
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That is good coverage!!
Found some new Sonys so thanks for the help.
What Sony? Just curious....

If it's either a G70 or a G90, it's a definite upgrade from the Mitsubishi 1281. If it's a D50 then it's a step back.

Sony D50: 7" non-LC, ES focus

Mitsubishi 1281: 7" LC, EM focus

Sony G70: 8" LC, EM focus

Sony G90: 9" LC, EM focus

If he got a G90, then prepared to be harassed a lot as that's just a stupidly good upgrade. Nobody wants a flood, but man, a free (new) G90!

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Originally Posted by 1muvbuff /forum/post/0

Found some new Sonys so thanks for the help.

From FHVideo?

Like Kal said, they need to pop for at least a G70.
I am still looking for a nice 1281 green tube if your friend wants to part that out.

A flood isn't likely to have done anything to the tubes.

I have a d50 so he knows the difference .Found a g70 & was offered a great deal on

on a g90 from someone here. Wish it was in my budget .Thanks for all of the advice

guys.He not sure what he will be doing with the mits but i will let you know if he decides anytime soon.
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